There is a story about an archaeological excavation team working in the old Biblical city of Thessalonica. they came upon an ancient, first-century graveyard. They found, among the pagan tombstones, one which was inscribed in Greek with these words: “No Hope.”

Pastors Todd and Tammie Carter

Pastors Todd and Tammie Carter

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Thank you for visiting our website.   My name is Todd Carter. My wife, Tammie and I are the lead Pastors of One Church.  We have been in full time ministry since marrying in 1987.  We have been blessed with 6 children and 3 grandchildren. 

In 2010, God gave me the vision of One Church.  It was to be a place where hope could be found.   

Hopelessness knows no boundaries!  It is no respecter of person. 

We know that we are in this community and on this mountain in Ruidoso, NM, because the Bible says, "the steps of a righteous person are ordered by God."  It is God who brought us here for a great purpose.  One Church was officially established in January 2012.

One stands for “One group of people, No one rejected, Everyone accepted, living a life full of Hope”

Our mission is "to make hopelessness history."  In 2012, our first service started with 14 people.  Since then we have continually grown and have been watching God do what only He can do.  We have seen miracle after miracle as God builds His church. 

 We believe that the truth of God's Word should not just be taught, but be applied.  We are messy people from the parking lot to the pulpit, and as we learn and apply the Truth of God's Word, be become transformed and become more like Him!  

We desire to reach our community through various outreaches including missions, buying children shoes and socks, and helping people overcome life issues through our One Life Ministry. 

Our desire is that some day there will be no more hopelessness on this mountain!