ONE Church World Missions

ONE Church is committed to support both local and world missions. These missionaries are stationed all across the world and are dedicated to spreading the good news and hope of Jesus Christ.


Brazil: Esdras & Michelle Orantes

The Lord led Esdras and Michelle Orantes to Brazil many years ago. They have been teaching and praying for the children to develop a relationship with Jesus. ONE Church support helps with food, clothing, Bibles, and any necessities that are needed to help share the gospel in their community.


France: George W & Debbie Flattery III

Here is our story: Having spent the 1980's as missionaries in France - and subsequently pastoring for the last 27 years in the United States - God has given Debbie and I a new assignment: To return to France and connect the spiritually disconnected in France with the Risen Savior. Only Jesus is the answer to the challenges we see in Europe: Terrorism. Unemployment. Social injustice. Racial discord. Prejudice toward Christianity. 40% of France is atheistic. Over 90% of the French have never held a Bible. .06% of France is evangelical Christian. Jesus is considered a myth. The number one textbook in classes on mythology - is the Bible. 10 Muslims for every Christian. Within 15 years - France will be totally Islamic. France is a prodigal - a country that once knew God - but they no longer serve God. It is a country steeped in secularism, humanism and the occult. Debbie and I will be planting churches - and raising up pastors for those churches - beginning in the city of Lille - a city of 1,000,000 people. 120,000 university students. My doctor in Chicago is from Syria - and he studied medicine at the University of Lille. Lille is also in the heart of where terrorists are being recruited - the attacks in Brussels (where I went to high school) and in Paris (where we planted a church in 1987 - we speak French). We will also be ministering to the refugees coming into France from Syria. Hundreds of Muslims are coming to Christ through the refugee crisis - many through dreams and visions that God is giving them in the middle of the night. We have literally given away everything to return to France. Downsized from a 2200 square foot townhouse to a 900 square foot apartment. Gave away a 1000 Christian resource books to Teen Challenge. Threw out 35 years worth of sermons in order to be totally led by the Lord in this new season. We now have nothing - but we are having a blast!

To donate and support this wonderful ministry please visit here.

BGMC “Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge”

"BGMC is a missions program for kids that instills a heart of compassion to reach the lost through prayer, giving, and going. All funds raised through BGMC goes directly to help spread the Word to children all over the world.  It helps feed, provide water, transportation, Bibles, school supplies, and more!

Our Children collect loose change and dollars on the first Sunday of every month.  We are proud to be teaching our children to be givers by raising funds for this ministry and spreading the hope and LOVE of Jesus Christ around the world!!



Amazima Ministries/Uganda Africa

Matt & Tory Angel

Matt & Tory along with their three children reside in Uganda Africa, where Matt teaches at the local school. They also mentor, counsel, tutor, provide physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual care for the families in their village.